Hofesh Shechter Company and East London Dance collaborate on a rooftop in London

Today I spent a beauty of an afternoon in the same place as some seriously talented people including Hofesh Schechter and company, East London Dance and Victor Frankowski.  An audience gathered on the rooftop of Roof East in London for a sublime performance by East London Dance, choreographed by Hofesh Shechter Company.  The audience were treated to six  different dance pieces as we moved, en masse, around the rooftop. 

Little Wooden Bar Co.

I met these wonderful people at the Brighton Fringe Festival whilst working for The Warren. We got on really well and they asking me to take some photos of their bar at Go Girls charity run which was being hosted on the glorious Brighton seafront.  Serving up tasty popcorn and cider from a local farm, the boys done good. They built the bar using reclaimed wood and the little sign at the front comes off, much to my delight!

Bella + Ed Festival Fun at a field in Lewes

I worked with the beautiful Bella a few years ago at a school in Brighton.  It was a crazy and  stressful time but there were so many amazing people  that worked there that good friendships were formed.  Bella and I crossed paths again recently; she was working for Woodland Tribe building forts with children and I was taking photos for a festival.  It transpired that she'd only gone and found herself a very lovely man called Ed and they were getting wed!  Bella and Ed are very chilled and didn't want a photographer taking stiff photos so they asked if I'd pop along for a couple of hours and take some snaps.  I'm very happy that I did!  

Ed and his mates are pretty nifty with a hammer and nails so they built the alter the night before and decorated it with elderflower.  There were flowers everywhere and the scent of geranium filled the tent; it reminded me of my days working in Lush when I was a walking, talking flower bomb.  Bliss!